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Note that these sources usually omit the notes--often extensive--that accompanied the printed editions. The versions provided by the Celt Project at University College Cork are accompanied by comprehensive lists of published versions and associated literature. Those online sources listed below are not comprehensive; in several cases there are numerous others, but I have tried to provide a selection of translations.  For the listing of tales that survive in several of the manuscripts, together with links to some translations not listed below, see  Others can be found at  P. W. Joyce has calculated that over 500 tales survive in whole
or in part.

The tales have been listed here by the modern "cycle" assignments, but you should bear in mind that they were originally classified by tale type and some could be assigned to more than one of the cycles (the mythological cycle and Ulster cycle having considerable overlap). The translator, if known, is listed after each link.

Mythological Cycle

Lebor na Gabála Érenn (‘The Book of the Takings’) - (Macalister, Redaction 1) (Macalister, except the Milesian section is by Cross & Slover) (Macalister) (Not a translation but an overview and outline, with a genealogical chart, by Lloyd D. Graham.)  

Cath Maige Tured Conga ("The (first) battle of Maige Tuired”) (Fraser)

Cath Maige Tuired ('The Battle of Moytirra') - (Stokes) (Stokes ) (Stokes) (Gray ) (Gray) (Gray) (Cross & Slover )

Tochmarc Étaíne ('The Wooing of Etaín') - (Bergin & Best) (Leahy; two versions) (Leahy [YBL]) (Leahy [YBL])
[See De Gabáil in t-Sída ('The Taking of the Síd') for an alternative version of the beginning of this tale; that found in Tochmarc Étaíne is almost certainly the original.]

Togail Bruidne Da Derga ('The Destruction of Da Derga’s Hostel') - (Stokes) (Stokes) (Stokes) (Stokes) (Irish only)

Oidhe Chloinne Tuireann ('Fate of the Children of Turenn') - (Cross & Slover)

Oidhe Chloinne Lir ('Fate of the Children of Lir') - (Jacobs/Joyce) (Lady Gregory) (retelling)

Aislinge Oenguso ('Dream of Oengus') - (Gantz)

Imram Bran ("The Voyage of Bran, Son of Febal, to the Land of the Living") - (Meyer)

Ulster Cycle (tales of Cú Chulainn)

Entire cycle (Brown et al.)

Scéla Muicce Meic Da Thó ('The Story of Mac Dathó’s Pig') - (Leahy) (Chadwick)

Fled Bricrenn ('Bricriu’s Feast') - (Cross & Slover?)

Mesca Ulad ('The Intoxication of the Ulaid') - (Hennessy)
The two most readily accessible print translations are those included in The Celtic Heroic Age, edited by John T. Koch (2003, Andover, MA: Celtic Studies Publications) and that by Jeffrey Gantz in  Early Irish Myths and Sagas (1981, Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin).

Compert Conchobuir ('The Conception of Conchobor') (Meyer)

Scéla Conchobair maic Nessa ('The Tale of Conchobor mac Nessa')

Noínden Ulad ('The Debility of the Ulstermen')

Loinges Mac n-Uislenn ('The Exile of the Sons of Uisliu'/Sorrows of Deirdre) - (translator not listed) (Leahy, with two endings; it's about halfway through the volume)
In Medieval Literature in Translation (Jones) (trans. not listed; in three parts) (Hyde, has only first part of story)

Compert Con Culainn 'Conception of Cú Chulainn' (?; version 2) (Irish only)

Maccgnimrada Con Culaind ('Boyhood Deeds of Cú Chulainn') (Hull & O'Grady) (Cross & Slover)

Do Fogluim Chonculainn Annso Sios ('The Training of Cú Chulainn')
See also Compert Con Culainn and Tochmarc Emire for versions.

Tochmarc Emire ('Wooing of Emer') - (Meyer) (Meyer)

Aided Connla ('Tragic Death of Connla'/Death of Aife's Only Son) - (?)

De Chopur in dá Muccida ('Quarrel of the Two Swineherds') (Meyer & Nutt)

Táin Bó Fraich ('The Driving of Fraech's Cattle') (Leahy) (Irish only)

Táin Bó Dartada ( 'The Driving of Dartaid's Cattle') (Leahy)

Táin Bó Flidais ( 'The Driving of Flidais's Cattle') (Leahy) (Leahy)

Táin Bó Regamon ('The Driving of Regamon's Cattle') (Leahy)

Táin Bó Regamna ('The Driving of Regamna's Cattle') (Leahy)

Echtrae Nerai ('The Adventure of Nera' - includes Táin Bó Aingen) (Gabay et al.) (Meyer)

Do Faillsigud Tána Bó Cúailnge ("The Recovery of Táin Bó Cúalnge') (Patrick Brown) (Erik Stohellou)

Táin Bó Cúalnge (‘The Cooley Cattle Raid’) - (Recension I, O'Rahilly ) (Book of Leinster, O'Rahilly ) (Dunn) (Dunn) (Dunn) - with index to place and personal names (Faraday) (Faraday)

Serglige Con Culainn ('Cúchulainn's Wasting Sickness') (Irish only) (Leahy, as "The Sick-Bed of Cuchulain")

Togail Bruidnae Dá Choca ('The Destruction of Dá Choca's Hostel')
No online translation is available. The only available translation appears to be that by Whitley
Stokes--1900 Da Choca's Hostel. Revue Celtique 21:150-165, 312-327, 388-402.

Aided Chonchobuir ("The Death of Conchobar") (Meyer) (Meyer - Tale 1) (Meyer - Tale 2)

Aided Conculaind ("The Death of Cúchulainn")

Aided Ailella 7 Conaill Chernaig ("The Death of Ailill & Conall Cernach")

Aided Meidbe ("The Death of Medb")

Aided Con Roi ('The Death of Cú Roi')

Aided Celtchar mac Uthechair ('The Death of Celtchair mac Uthechair')

Fenian Cycle (tales of Finn MacCumhall)

Macgnímartha Find ('Boyhood Deeds of Fionn mac Cumhaill') -

Tóraigheacht Dhiarmada agus Ghráinne ('Pursuit of Diarmuit and Gráinne') - [first of eight linked sections] (O'Grady?) (?)

Aided Finn ('Death of Finn MacCumaill') - (Meyer)

Oisin in Tír na nOg ('Oisin in the Land of the Young') -

Cath Gabhra ('Battle of Gabra')

Agallamh na Seanórach ('The Colloquy of the Old Men')

Historical Cycle/Cycles of the Kings

Cath Almuine ('Battle of the Hill of Allen')

Cath Muigi Rath Andso ('Battle of Mag Rath Here)

Echtra mac nEchach Muigmedón ('Adventures of the Sons of Eochaid Muigmedón')

Baile in Scáil ('Phantom's Frenzy')

Orgain Dind Rig ('Destruction of Dind Rig') - (Stokes )

A listing of the tales of the Historical Cycle/Cycle of the Kings, with links to translations, can be found at

Other Documents

Immram Brain maic Febail 7 a Echtra ('The Voyage of Bran son of Febal and His adventures')

Immram Curaig Maíle Dúin ('The Voyage of Máel Dúin's Coracle')
Available in P. W. Joyce's Old Celtic Romances (pp. 112-176) on Google Books


Imcallam in Da Thurad ('Colloquy of the Two Sages) - (Stokes)

Lebor na Cert ('The Book of Rights)

Pangur Bán ('The Monk and His Cat')

('Ailill Aulom, Mac Con, and Find ua Báiscne') -

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