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American Anthropologist [Periodicals]

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American Antiquity [Periodicals]

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model for distinguishing mobility patterns. Vol. 57:635-660.

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American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Periodicals]

Stone, Anne C., & Mark Stoneking
1993 Ancient DNA from a pre-Columbian Amerindian population. Vol. 92:463-471.

Annual Review of Anthropology [Serials: GN1 .A623]

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1972 Archaeological settlement patterns. Annual Review of Anthropology 1:127-150.

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1996 Native Americans and the practice of archaeology. Annual Review of Anthropology 25:63-79.

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1998 Nationalism and archaeology: on the constructions of nations and the reconstructions of the remote past.Annual Review of Anthropology 26:223-246.

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1998 The archaeology of symbols. Annual Review of Anthropology 27:329-346.

Antiquity [Periodicals]

Trigger, Bruce G.
1970 Aims in prehistoric archaeology. Vol. 44:26-37.

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1973 Archaeology: the loss of innocence. Antiquity 47:6-18.

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1996 On archaeological value. Vol. 70:45-56

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1996 Exploring the topography of mind: GIS, social space and archaeology. Vol. 70:612-622.

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1996 Residues on stone artefacts: state of a scientific art. Vol. 70:740-745.

Hodder, Ian
1997 'Always momentary, fluid and flexible': towards a reflexive excavation methodology. Antiquity 71:691-700.

Current Anthropology [Periodicals]

David, Nicholas, Judy Sterner, & Kodzo Gavua
1988 Why pots are decorated (with comments). Vol. 29:365-389.

Evers, T. M., & T. N. Huffman
1988 On why pots are decorated the way they are. Vol. 29:739-741.

Webster, Gary S.
1996 Social archaeology and the irrational (with comments). Vol. 37:609-627.

Human Ecology [Periodicals]

Ruyle, Eugene E.
1973 Genetic and cultural pools: Some suggestions for a unified theory of biocultural evolution. Vol. 1:201-215.

Man (n.s.) [Periodicals]

Trigger, Bruce G.
1968a Major concepts of archaeology in historical perspective. Vol. 3:527-541.

Proceedings of the British Academy [Serial; vol. not held; reprinted in GN799 .E4 C53]

Clark, Grahame
1953 The economic approach to prehistory. Vol. 39:215-238. (Reprinted in Clark 1989:149-168.)

Scientific American [Periodicals; volume apparently missing; reprinted in GN739 .L46]

Flannery, Kent V.
1967 Culture history v. cultural process: a debate in American archaeology. Vol. 217 (no. 2, August):119-122. (Reprinted in Leone, ed., 1972, pp. 102-107.)

World Archaeology

Trigger, Bruce G.
1974 The archaeology of government. Vol. 6:95-106.


Academic Press [CC75 .A24, unless otherwise noted]

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Anthropological Society of Washington

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Cambridge University Press

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Edinburgh University Press

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 Ch. 6:  1968a Major concepts of archaeology in historical perspective. Man (n.s.)3:527-541.
Ch. 11:  1968b The determinants of settlement patterns. In Settlement Archaeology, edited by K. C. Chang, pp. 53-78. Palo Alto: National Press (now Mayfield);.
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Ch. 10:  1974 The archaeology of government. World Archaeology 6:95-106.]


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1972 Models and paradigms in contemporary archaeology. In Clarke, ed., Models in archaeology, pp. 1-60. London.

Plenum Publishing

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1995 Working through theoretical tensions in contemporary archaeology: a practical attempt from southwestern Colorado. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 2:201-229.


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Smithsonian Institution Press

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Taylor & Francis

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University of Arizona Press [Serial: CC75 .A24]

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University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology

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Unwin Hyman

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